Monday, November 25, 2013

studio progress - artist response to La Monte Young

La Monte Young - Compositions 1960

I am still pondering an appropriate response to La Monte Young's work, and don't yet have physical evidence to show for it, although a great deal of pondering has been done.  I have decided to respond to La Monte's works photographically, and in doing so, I can interpret his works in several ways.

Firstly, I could respond to his scores, shown above here, in his work Compositions 1960.  This would be interesting, as the act of taking the photograph may have more impact than the resulting shot--a response, I believe, is fitting, as within his works Young concentrates upon a eternal flux in time, a stasis, and the very definition of photography is the capturing of a single moment in time.  However, La Monte's work also features a sense of constant and ever-pervasive flux, such as these scores--each and every time a score of La Monte's is responded to, it is done so in a differing way.  An infinite amount of variables play into this, causing the work to be almost transcendent of time, in the sense that it is constantly shifting and changing.  

In my second idea, I am considering not responding to a certain score or set of conceptual directives, but rather a response to the Minimalist philosophy--in short: the less, the better.  This would be immensely difficult (especially for me) as photography has become massively stylized through mass distribution.  I could perhaps meld these two approaches (and this is most likely) and thusly give myself a bit more material to work with, although I think the most difficult aspect of this assignment will be simply going out and doing/implementing the thoughts I'm putting down here.. Thanksgiving break will be an enormous opportunity to ponder, and more so, do.